Michael Belfiore

Michael Belfiore

I'm a technology writer.

I write articles, white papers, presentations, blog posts, infographics, and more on advanced tech, including in the fields of cyber security, IoT, big data, robotics, healthcare, and other topics.

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Scientific American

Tricorder XPRIZE Competition Heats Up - Scientific American

Tricorder XPRIZE Competition Heats Up - Scientific ...

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Scientific American

On-Demand Satellites Can Shoot High-Def Video of Your Car

New commercial satellites that promise constant close-ups of Earth are a boon to emergency responders and police but also raise privacy concerns...

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Scientific American

Entrepreneurs Race to Get a Rover on the Moon and Win $30 Million

The next rover to roam the moon's surface may come not from NASA and its rocket scientists but from college students and private companies working on a shoestring...

Scientific American


January 13, 2016 — Mike Wall and SPACE.com. Better Solar Forecast Gives Earlier ... August 3, 2015 — Michael Belfiore. Future Flying Car Solves Parallel ......

Scientific American

40 Years after the Apollo Moon Missions

In December 1972, astronauts left the lunar surface for the last time...

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Scientific American

Shooting beyond the Moon: "Part-Time" Scientists Aim to Develop Autonomous Rover to Compete for Lunar X PRIZE

A 100-member team of experts aims to develop quick-response rover technology they hope will alter the way robots explore the moon and beyond...