Michael Belfiore

Michael Belfiore

I'm a technology writer.

I write articles, white papers, presentations, blog posts, infographics, and more on advanced tech, including in the fields of cyber security, IoT, big data, robotics, healthcare, and other topics.

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The Wall Street Journal

Starship Enterprise - WSJ

Starship Enterprise - WSJ

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The Wall Street Journal

In Phoenix, a Realty Check as Market Moderates

Phoenix stands as a prime example of how some of the country's hottest housing markets are struggling to pass the baton from bargain-hunting investors to traditional buyers....

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The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Offers First Peek of Windows 10

Microsoft Corp. wants to give back to customers the Windows they loved. The company on Tuesday offered the first public peek at the next version of its flagship operating system, acknowledging that the current version veered off course and pledging to give users a voice in the development of its...

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The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Opens a Window Into a New Era

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled more of Windows 10, the latest version of its flagship operating system that is aimed at a world increasingly mobile, social and cloud-enabled....

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The Wall Street Journal

With HoloLens, Microsoft Dives Into 3-D Headsets

Microsoft had a big surprise in store on Wednesday at its Windows 10 preview event in Redmond, Wash.: a new headset called HoloLens that lets people see—and manipulate—three-dimensional “holograms.”...